UX Designer

UX designer wanted!

Do you want to design the User Experience of our Microgrid Simulation Roomand our Microgrid Test Container during a work placement? 

The OGTC is looking for a driven and passionate HBO trainee. You are expected to follow a study in the direction of Business and you have a feeling for design and multimedia design or you are expected to follow a study Multimedia design with a passion for business. We offer the opportunity
to use your skills by designing the User Experience of a Microgrid Simulation Room and a Microgrid Test Container.

The OGTC focuses on the smart combination of energy sources (microgrids). We do this for partners who are internationally active and supply microgrids to islands (e.g. St. Helena). A microgrid is a combination of wind and solar energy often in combination with a battery and a diesel generator. By cleverly combining these energy sources you get a reliable source for a house, a

neighborhood or a factory. You can use the micro grid separately from the energy network (= off grid) or linked to the network.
A microgrid can also be made "smart". A smart grid is an energy grid to which a smart measurement and control system has been added. This ensures that the supply of the various energy sources can be tailored to demand. This smart meter looks for example at:

  •  Wind speed (at a high wind speed, energy will largely come from wind turbines)
  • Sun intensity (with a high sun intensity, energy will largely come from solar collectors) 
  • Net energy price used (due to a positive fluctuation in the energy price it could be beneficial to get energy from the Dutch network)


Which assignments will you carry out? 

  1. Develop a User Experience for a Microgrid Digital Simulation Room 
  2. Develop User Experience for a Microgrid Test Container 
  3. Identify business opportunities for Microgids solutions 


What are you going to do? 

  • Conversations and panels with "visitors" (1 + 2) and users (3) for a needs analysis.  
  • Validate assumptions by users and visitors (Lean startup approach) 
  • Translate needs into several options or concepts 
  • Realizing options and concepts in design and visualisations 
  • Develop business opportunities in a number of Business Model Canvasses


Visitors / users are:

  • Companies that want to use / use a micro grid for energy supply
  • Policy and decision makers who want to gain insight into the functioning of a micro grid
  • Students who want to gain insight into micro grids and test configurations


What do we expect? 

  • Passion and passion 
  • Independence
  • Team player 
  • Interest in sustainable energy 


What do we offer? 

  • An appropriate internship allowance 
  • Freedom / space to take initiatives 


Do you aspire to make the world more sustainable by using your own knowledge and skills? 
Mail your resume to wimjoosten@offgridtestcenter.nl or call 06-22901363