Data Analysis Developer

Data Analysis Developer

Looking for a challenging internship in the direction of statistics and mathematics?

The OGTC is looking for a motivated and passionate HBO trainee. You are expected to follow a course in statistics and mathematics. We offer the opportunity to use your skills by programming and modeling.

The OGTC focuses on the integral functioning of combinations of renewable energy sources. We do this for partners who are internationally active and supply microgrids to islands.

A microgrid is an integrated energy system with locally distributed energy sources and sustainable energy sources (of which OGTC supplies the wind turbines). A microgrid can connect to and disconnect from the network, to make it work in both network connected and independent mode.

A microgrid can also be made "smart". A smart grid is an energy grid to which a smart measurement and control system has been added. This ensures that the supply of the various energy sources can be tailored to demand. This smart meter looks for example at:

  • Wind speed (at a high wind speed, energy will largely come from wind turbines)
  • Sun intensity (with a high sun intensity, energy will largely come from solar collectors)
  • Net energy price used (due to a positive fluctuation in the energy price it could be beneficial to get energy from the Dutch network)

Are you interested in performing (data) analyses and writing smart algorithms that coordinate energy sources? Then we are looking for you!


What do we expect?

  • Motivation and passion;
  • Independence;
  • Team player;
  • Interest in sustainable energy;
  • Knowledge of Matlab / R / Python;
  • Experience with data analysis / modeling.


What do we offer?

  • An appropriate internship allowance;
  • Freedom / space to take initiatives.



Do you aspire to make the world more sustainable by using your own knowledge and skills?

Send an e-mail with your resume to or call 06-22901363