Design your community to discover what is in for your energy usage.

Online tool to create and determine the energy consumption of a region, building, or a space. A valuable tool for installers, project developers and people who want meaningful insights about energy consumption and saving opportunities.

Configure your microgrid and assess its costs.

Online tool to determine what is the ideal DHES / Microgrid
for your location in terms of: configuration, costs and
social demographic factors of your region. A valuable tool
for engineers or communities which want to have meaningful
and detailed insight of a microgrid project.

The Micro Grid Assessment Tool provides a simplified interface for the simulation tool Offgridders, initially developed with the open energy modelling framework (oemof) by Martha Hoffmann at the Reiner Lemoine Institut in Berlin, Germany.

Downloadable resources:

A collection of free sources that cover the microgrid topic, including case studies of our most outstanding projects.

Examples of a DHES on location

Texel extensive

Belle Île

Belle Île extensive

Saint Martin

Saint Martin extensive


Orckney extensive

Kupang City

Kupang City extensive


Helgoland extensive


Guernsey extensive


Birkenfeld extensive

DHES guidelines

Location Checklist DHES

DHES DC system

DHES Evaluation Tools

DHES Project Survey

Roadmap DHES