Test and co-develop components

Test and co-develop your microgrid solution or components

Developing a renewable component or solution you always want to test whether it is in line with the market.
We help you to do so in a structured and agile way, with a focus on the market.

Our offering in more detail

OGTC will create an open development environment where stakeholders can co create and test products. Where normally the develop and test cycles are ‘long’, OGTC creates short cycles where every two weeks small improvements are tested, both from a technical and business perspective. This approach, developed in IT, is more and more accepted in other business domains. In addition to that, we focus on evaluation / testing based on data. This way we objectify results where we, if possible, try to benchmark results.

The added value of hiring OGTC

Technical developments are often done inside out. There is a great technical solution and the focus is on the developing the technique. To often this leads to improvements and improvements ….. without contact with stakeholders. That does not have to be the customer. It can also be a potential partner with additional knowledge or an institute with a deep experience. By creating an ‘open development environment’ the process of development is accelerated. Using data to validate results / progress is a profession that requires specific knowledge and experience. OGTC has developed this experience and can use it in a fast and efficient way.