Program management

Progam and project management regarding renewable energy projects

Renewable projects often are a cooperation of a group of companies. Structuring the proces, reporting to stakeholders, managing issues, we can take care of that.

Our offering in more detail

OGTC offers an objective, professional approach to managing the risks associated with the project and program implementation. We use well established methodologies and leading concepts and practices, which may be applied to various types of projects. We also have a broad experience with new methods as Agile/Scrum and the ‘Lean startup approach’.

The added value of hiring OGTC

Organizations operate in increasingly dynamic environments which often makes it a struggle to develop business. If not systematically managed, this can lead to a slow and fragmented development. In that situation, initiatives are inconsistent, uncoordinated and unlikely, overall, will add value to the organization. Effective management helps organizations make sound decisions by prioritizing the deployment of scarce resources to change initiatives and maximizing their value to help achieve the organization’s strategy.