Develop and validate

Developing, modeling and validating microgrid solutions for your location

We are an energy-tech company. Using AI and data, we are able to model and simulate both energy supply and demand and configure the ideal configuration of a microgrid, from technical and financial perspective.

Our offering in more detail

Finding the right solution is starting at the end. Defining the ‘end situation’ and defining what the pains and gains are at the moment. Then we start defining, from a holistic perspective, what the solution should be, what the requirements are. When these are defined the model of a configuration is made. This model is simulated, from functional, technical and financial perspective. Then the model is adjusted and test ‘real time’ if relevant / necessary. With a detailed holistic design a project developer can start developing an off grid system.

The added value of hiring OGTC

Solar panels and wind turbines are tangible. Many times end users / customers ‘think’ in these products. They want to install solar panels or they want to install a windturbine. That's the starting points for many renewable projects. But key for a solution is that at the start, all relevant aspects are taken into consideration. Not only the energy load but also the needs of the users. What is the optimal solutions for all stakeholders? That should be the starting point! OGTC takes all aspects into account when developing a solution.