Battery project

Battery Project

Smart and cheap energy storage is a "winner" when it comes to making offices and other more sustainable company buildings. Due to
the increasing capacity of wind turbines and solar panels, the stability of it is electricity grid at stake. There is a great need for innovative
forms of electricity storage, specifically suitable for use in existing business premises, among others.

OGTC is partner in a consortium that conducts a pilot. During this pilot different 'use case scenario's are tested'. OGTC is responsible for the
development of the business cases, based on test results. Batteries can be used in different ways and for every way it is relevant to understand
what the financial impact is.

In the past years, OGTC has developed knowledge and experience regarding ‘energy management’. It started with the project in St.
Helena and continued in projects following. Because of this experience, OGTC is able to develop the energy management system in this
project and for the retrieval and storage of data.