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Energy tech company for Off Grid Solutions.


We offer an energy awareness tool and
a tool to assess the ideal powergrid for your location.

"The future of energy"

Decarbonize - Decentralize - Digitize - Democratize

Our services

Develop, model and validate microgrid solutions

Programme management for renewable energy projects

Test and co-develop your microgrid solution or components

Our projects

Developing, in close cooperation with European partners, guidelines for developing Decentral Hybrid Energy Systems (DHES).

Developing and operating, in a triple helix cooperation, demo and test facilities.

Battery project
Developing an energy management system and business cases for several scenarios.

Our partner

Reiner Lemoine Institut (RLI), Berlin, Germany
The RLI is an independent non-profit research institution working towards a future with 100 % Renewable Energy, focussing on the research fields Transformation of Energy Systems, Mobility with Renewably Energy and Off-Grid Systems. The RLI has developed the underlying energy system simulation tool (Offgridders), used by the Micro Grid Assessment Tool that the offgridtestcenter developed.

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